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Working Papers

[5] Bank Asset Problem and Financial Stability: December 2023, [SSRN link]

I study a mechanism for developing banking crises from the bank asset side. The non-performing loans can break the good equilibrium of a perfectly diversified bank loan portfolio in Diamond (1984). Slow asset recovery divides households’ opinions; withdrawal requests from a small proportion of early household depositors can lead to panic bank runs. The bank run mechanism differs from that in Diamond and Dybvig (1983). My model can explain the collapse and acquisition of Silicon Valley Bank in March 2023 and the systemic crisis in 2008. [Presentation Slides]

[6] Balance Rights and Responsibilities in Liquidity Supply and Demand Contracts: with Zhanbing Xiao, November 2023, [SSRN link]

We extend the entrepreneur’s debt contract in Holmström and Tirole (1998) by two assumptions. Banks are active; the entrepreneur’s income is stochastic. Our model can address two questions. Why do some, but not all, companies have access to credit lines? Why do companies that need credit lines the most not have access? Our empirical evidence confirms our model predictions. [Presentation Slides]

[7] Bank Asset Problem and Cross Borrower Spillovers: with Jitao Ou, follow-up of WP [5], update expected in H1 2024

[8] On the Choices of Lifestyle and Growth: April 2023, expected in H1 2024

[9] Reserve, Risk Tolerance, and Fund Flows: with Woon Sau Leung, March 2023, update expected in H1 2024

  • Repo Runs, Collateral, and Counterparty Institutions: 2016, SSRN Link
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