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Working Papers

  • Bank Asset Problem and Financial Stability: September 2023, SSRN link coming soon
  • Balance Rights and Responsibilities in Liquidity Supply and Demand Contracts: with Zhanbing Xiao, September 2023, SSRN link coming soon
  • Bank Asset Problem and Cross Borrower Spillovers: with Jitao Ou, May 2023
  • On the Choices of Lifestyle and Growth: April 2023
  • Reserve, Risk Tolerance, and Fund Flows: with Woon Sau Leung, March 2023
  • Household Default, Capital Constrained Large Banks, and Selective Spillovers: with Christian Lundblad and Jitao Ou, August 2021 SSRN link
  • Repo Runs, Collateral, and Counterparty Institutions: 2016, SSRN Link
  • The Source of Superior Infomration: Admisors’ Holdings of Call Options on Targets: 2016, SSRB link
  • Can the performance of Structural Corporate Bond Models Be Improved?: 2008, SSRN Link